2 Years Networking Europe

The publication is a summary of the project Networking Europe - a sister project of Inclusive Europe run by the Stockholm region. It describes among others the experiences of the study visits organised in the framework of the project to diffrent european countries such as Finland, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Estonia and Denmark.

pdf2 Years Networking Europe

Borderless Effects

The publication presents the results of the project Inclusive Europe, a European Social fund project implemented in the Stockholm region with the aim to educate and inspire organisations in the region to use the lessons learned from other countries to develop their own business. This is called transnational cooperationand has mainly occurred through 150 trips to 12 countries, mainly in the Baltic region.

The project has been operating for about three years and has organised various training courses for about 400 participants with everything from knowledge about the EU to practical knowledge of how to execute a transnational exchange, i.e. going away on a trip and plan for how the experience will then be used at home. 

pdfBoarderless Effects

Time for Innovation 3. Review of the products of the HC OP selected innovative and transnational cooperation projects

It is already the third time that the team of National Supporting Institution provides you with the publication about innovative solutions as well as solutions which result from transnational cooperation under the Human Capital Operational Programme 2007-2013. In the publication we present the tools that have high chance to be implemented because of efficiency and innovative approach to the issue.

We would like them to be inspirational for you and contribute to solving social problems. Their use in practice will be the best recommendation for the people who created them!

pdfTime for Innovation 3

Document "Borderless solutions"

Borderless solutions is a document that has been produced by Arbetsmiljöforum i Norden AB for Inclusive Europe and has been financed by the European Social Fund. It summarises and provides examples of the measures that the project Inclusive Europe has carried out.

Please also see www.inclusiveeurope.se


Time for Innovation 2. Review of the products of the HC OP selected innovative and transnational cooperation projects

Publication present innovative projects and transnational cooperation projects executed within the scope of the Human Capital Operational Programme 2007–2013. Projects were presented by Intermediate Bodies responsible for their implementation. In publication we focus mainly on presentation of products created within the scope of innovative projects executed in all four support areas of the European Social Fund: adaptability, education and higher education, good governance and employment and social integration. In addition, we include information on interesting undertakings executed in cooperation with foreign partners.


Time for Innovation

Review of the selected innovative and transnational cooperation projects of the Human Capital Operational Programme.


KIW Brochure

The brochure contains essential information about the National Supporting Institution (NSI) for the Operational Programme Human Capital (OP HC).


Partnership Learning Manual

Publication by The Community of Practice (COP) on Partnership in the ESF (2009 – 2011).


European Social Fund in Poland: Best Practices

The ESF Best Practices Competition has for the past three years generated great interest amongst current and future beneficiaries, it is recognised as the identifying symbol of the Human Capital Operational Programme which reaches each individual with its clear information. The competition aims to promote the best projects showing how the grants from the European Social Fund change the lives of those who participate in the projects.


European Social Fund in Poland (guidebook)

Here you can find basic information that will point you the way in the right direction. If we fail to answer all questions we will at least show you where to look for further information.

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