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Based on  experiences of assisting Polish entities in transnational cooperation under the ESF in the current programming period, the Polish National Supporting InstitutionCenter of European Projects identified that project promoters in Poland face serious problems in finding partners for transnational cooperation projects. We observed that  although there were so many different partner search databases available all over Europe, it is still  a big challenge for many project promoters to select the most suitable one and to use it effectively.

Therefore, the NSI recommends organisations/institutions willing to carry out a transnational cooperation project under the ESF to start searching for partners by using 2 of the databases at first: the Toolkit, which is a complex tool dedicated especially to EFS projects in the current programming period, financed by the European Commission, and Fishing Pool – a simple instrument developed  by the NSI to meet  particular needs of project promoters of ESF transnational cooperation projects in Poland.