IV Transnational Partner Forum

National Supporting Institution successfully organized IV Transnational Partner Forum on 25th and 26th of April 2012 in Warsaw. The representatives from six countries - together almost 100 participants. They represented almost 80 projects (33 projects from Poland, 22 from Sweden, 14 projects from Belgium, 6 from Czech Republic, 1 project from Germany and France) at different stages of implementation  –  mainly in the preparatory or implementation phase.

The key objective of this Forum remained unchanged - to help projects to find suitable & reliable partners and establish durable contacts for further strengthening of TNC.  Therefore, apart from the introductory panel discussion concerning different aspects related to age issues, the main focus was put on discussions around tables divided into the following themes: Youth, mainly so called “drop outs” youngsters (2 tables), people 50 + (1 table), Adaptability (projects related to SME different aspects and vocational education - 2 tables) and last but not least - Disadvantage (different disfavored groups of people – 2 tables).

Around 95% of the participating projects declared that they had found potential partners, most more than one. At least 10 letters of intents were already signed during the Forum with great input of facilitators from Sweden, Belgium and Poland. In order to make contacts easier for the participants as well as disseminate information about the event, please find attached the following materials:

• Agenda,
• list of participants of the IV Transnatioanl Partner Search Forum,
• Project table matching,
• The Project Fiches (which are also available in the Fishing Pool data base),
• Presentations,
• Photos.

We encourage you to get acquainted with these materials.  For more information please contact us.

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